Changing external A record to host website on DH - what IP do I use?

Excuse me if my question is a little noobish, but I have a domain registered with 123-reg. I set up email on 123-reg and don’t want to change that, but now I want to host the website here on DH.

Searching, it seems that I just need to change the A record on 123-reg to point to the DH server IP address, and keep the MX details the same to preserve the email.

BUT where the heck do I find the IP address to put in the A record?!

I’ve already added the domain to host in my panel, and I’ve gone into the DNS settings page. What I need to know is that:

is the A record listed in the “Non-editable DreamHost DNS records” the one I need to add to the 123-reg account, or is there some other IP that I need to use?

Help MASSIVELY appreciated. Seriously, I will give e-high fives to people if they can tell me,


You found the correct IP to use in the non-editable entries…

Thanks buddy,

sends high five