Changing existing nameservers


I have registered a domain through Dreamhost, but am not hosting it through Dreamhost. I am creating a Wordpress blog and would like to use my registered domain for that blog. Wordpress requires me to change the Dreamhost nameservers using the DNS tools.

I’m pretty new to this, and it only appears that I can change the nameservers if I am also hosting the site through Dreamhost. I don’t want to host through Dreamhost if it will create a problem building my site through Wordpress… is this a crazy concern, or perhaps an irrelevant one?

Would love any advice on changing the nameservers to allow my Wordpress blog to have my Dreamhost-registered domain. Thanks!


Go in the control panel to the “Domains -> Registrations” section , and use the “modify whois” button there for the domain. Part of the whois information is the nameservers, and you can change them using that function of the control panel.


Thanks! Huge help.