Changing email password (bug?)


Hello. New(ish) Dreamhost user here. I’ve noticed what I think may be a bug in changing an email account’s password. If you check your email by going to, it says that you can change your password by going to, which I’ve done. However, changing your password there only seems to change it for the login to - will still use the old password. I know it say to wait 2 hours, and I have (I’ve waited 2 days, actually :slight_smile: ) and the password change still hasn’t taken effect.

Would this be a bug? (possibly related to the recent change to logging in with an m###### accountname, maybe?)


Would this be a bug?

Could be. You might submit something to support and/or in the Beta Testing topic to get Nate’s attention.


This actually is a bug! It is intermittent. If it hits you, you have two options. You can ‘edit’ your e-mail address. By this I mean logging into the panel, clicking edit next to the address and then saving it (no changes are necessary).

If this doesn’t work you’ll need to contact support.

This is a known bug that is being worked on.