Changing domains and subdomain worries



I’ve signed up and have been using dreamhost for a few months now with a free DH supplied domian name

I really like the service so I’d like to switch over the other domains and sites I own.

I’ve set up the other domain folders on the site in the “manage domains” control pannel and I’m about the change over the DNS info with my domain register company.

but before i do that I have a question.

Because my main DH host in essentially a subdomain within DH ( will this affect the other sites that I’m about to switch over, all of which have their own domain names registered (eg. ?

And will the other sites be accessible by there own domain names when I make the DNS switch?

I’m just a little freaked about loosing email and the sites no being available etc.

Thanks for any help



Nope. There’s no difference other than physical appearance (and sometimes server paths) when dealing with a subdomain vs domain.

Yes, providing your domains are setup properly. You can test this by editing your hosts file and assign an IP to your domain. Just add it in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
That way you can test your domain w/out making the DNS change live. Once you switch the DNS, it can upto 2 days for the new IP to fully propagate through-out the Internet. It all depends on the TTL values of your last domain.