Changing Domains (Absolute Novice)


Hi General Troubleshooters,

Please excuse me if this is not the place for technical support questions.

I previously purchased a domain and web hosting for one year through DreamHost. I want to write off the old domain (which was a personal blog) but continue to use the hosting service on a new domain for my startup company.

How do I go about doing this? I have zero previous web experience and I kept my previous site as the basic wordpress template (I never had time / got around to writing any posts). So please explain like I’m 5.

I am planning to hire someone to develop my corporate website so I don’t have to worry about setup but I do want to change over my domains before that because my personal blog is not something I want to associate with my professional business. I’m happy if the old domain floats off into cyberspace I just want my DreamHost panel to work only on my new domain so that I can give access to the web developer.



Assuming you have registered the second domain and updated the dns to point to dh nameservers, all you have to do is go to manage domains and add the new domain name to be fully hosted. I would pick a new user instead of your first user. This way when the web developer finishes whatever he is doing, you can simply edit the domain and change users (being sure to have copy the files over selected)