Changing Domain Ownership


I registered a domain and used it to set up a dog rescue website. Now a few years later, they would like the domain name to be registered in their Corporation name instead of my personal name, but continue to have DH host it and me work on it.

How do I do this? Does just changing the WHOIS info through the panel do that, or is there something else?



Depends on whether you just need to change the contact information listed in WHOIS, or if you actually need to transfer ownership of the domain.

If all you need to do is change the contact information, then yes, the WHOIS information in the panel will do that.

If you need to transfer the domain, the corporation will need to set up a DreamHost account to transfer the domain to. They can do so at


Thank you for the reply. There is an “Owner” section in the WHOIS, so I would assume that might be good enough. I can see that without transferring the domain to a new account, they would not have full control of it. The problem is they don’t know the technical side and need me to take care of that, so I don’t think transferring it would be a good idea.