Changing domain on a Wordpress site

I have built a Wordpress site for a third party, with the site currently accessed via a Dreamhosters subdomain, ie - The third party has independently registered the domain they actually want to use when the site goes ‘live’ and we are now at the point where we want to change from the Dreamhosters domain URL to theirs. Because this is my first time doing this kind of thing, I would appreciate it if someone could help make sure I am going about this the right way before I jump in.

Last week, they asked (or their domain registrar did) for the IP address of the host server so I gave them the DNS information (name servers for Dreamhost) that I received when I first set up this account for them to bind to the new domain.

With regard to what I should do next, I am following this:

So the first step is to Add New Domain - ie, as I did with the Dreamhosters subdomain but now once again with the client’s domain? And then simply work my way through the wiki link above for the Wordpress stuff? Or is there anything else I should be aware of?

Thank you for your time.

there is a post somewhere by Ipstenu-DH in another thread (that I can’t seem to find right now) that outlines exactly how to do this, using a plugin to update your database.

I’m not sure that you gave the correct IP to the customer. If it is for use in pointing an A-record to the site then the first thing you need to do is add the domain on the manage domains page. Then you can click the DNS link, when the next page loads look at the table of entries dreamhost created. The first one listed should be type A folled by an IP… that is the IP you need to get the customer/registrar.

FWIW, it’s a much better solution to have them set nameservers to,, and let dreamhost manage the domains. With the A record approach, it doesn’t happen often, but the IP can change. If an A-record is pointed to IP address it will break the site when that happens until manually updated. If dreamhost is the authoritative nameserver for the domain, that would be fixed automatically for you.

FYI - the directions skip it, but after you add that domain, my advice is wait until you see the dreamhost coming soon page before heading to the one click installer. DNS changes take time to propagate from a few minutes to usually 4 to 8 hours… but sometimes even longer. If you’ve already isntalled but are getting a 404 page not found error, don’t worry… just wait and try again.

LakeRat - thanks for your reply! OK, I will go ahead and add the client’s domain and obtain the new IP information. I’ve installed the plugin you mentioned ahead of time so hopefully all will be OK when I get to that point.

Noted about the need to wait for a bit. In this case, I’ve already installed Wordpress and built the site, but obviously changing the URL for everything will take time to go through.