Changing domain name of a secure wordpress installation

I have a wordpress site (httpS:// that I am trying to update to (httpS://

What is the easiest and cheapest way to do this?

I tried setting up as a mirror but the css didn’t load, though I did see the content.

I assume I have to purchase a separate unique ip address and secure certificate??

I would like to end up with both and working so current page links don’t break, but I hear that makes for duplicate content penalties.

That would be correct.

Moving WordPress is the easy part:

The secure cert is the hard part. You’d have to change that (or get a new one) for the new domain name. And actually works fine for me, if I accept the broken SSL cert that points to visionbaptistmissions, so I think really all you have to do is the SSL cert.

To avoid this normally you would have one domain permanently redirect to the other. By doing this the search engines realise they are really dealing with one site’s worth of content rather the two.

The “easiest and cheapest way to do this” would be to redirect all requests for to - which would save on swapping the Unique IP, buying and attaching a new SSL, and time moving the site files. And it would be functional in 5-10 minutes.

If you prefer “” to be displayed in the browser you will need to do all the above steps and then set visionbaptistmissions to permanently redirect to visionmissions in order to avoid any duplication penalties.