Changing DNS

Hello All,

I have setup a new dreamhost account and have added all my domains in the ‘Manage Domains’ section.

I then changed the DNS on my domains to the Dreamhost nameservers.

Now I only get ‘Action Canceled’ error pages.

Could anyone help me with this. It has been over 24 hours since I changed the DNS and when I ping the domains I get the dreamhost IP’s. FTP is also working fine and connecting to the dreamhost servers. I have also uploaded all the site files to the correct directories.



I would sigugest first clearing your cache and see if that makes a difference. ‘Action canceled’ sounds like something is funky with your browser, rather than somethign being amis with your webiste.

Also, if you wanted you could post a link to one of your sites, that way others can test to see if there’s an error.


I have cleared my cache many times:

I get an action canceled in IE and an Unable to Connect in firefox.

The URLS are: (I dont think the DNS has completly propagated on this one)

  • Thanks, Matt

Interesting… is still pointing at TELUS Communications Inc, and loads up from thoes servers.

But as far as, DNS is pointing at dreamhost, and when pinging the domain name (from two seperate locations) I resolve an IP address allocated to dreamhost. You should contact support and ask them to figure this one out. It seems things should be working at this point.


On my computer both domains point to dreamhost.

I have contacted Dreamhost and have been instructed to wait at least 3 days until the DNS propagates

It just seams strange because I made sure to upload all my site files before changing the DNS so this downtime would not occur.

But I guess that didn’t help :S



I’d contact support again, explain to them that you can see that IP is now resolving to Dreamhost, and that your site is now broken.

You did the right thing to avoid downtime. But now that the doamin is resolving to dreamhost, it’s apparent that there’s somehtign wrong.


I did explain that but it didnt seem to matter.