Changing DNS NS1/NS2 IP

I sent a msg to support, but hopefully i’ll get a faster response here.

i’m currently using dreamhost as my registrar. I’m transferring my data to a new server, and i need to update my NS1/NS2 to point to the new ip. Where do i change that? i seen DNS for my domain, and the NS1/NS2, but don’t see where i can change the IP.



It’s in the Modify WHOIS information section. It’s a checkbox in your Domain Registrations listing, then the Modify Whois button at the bottom. At the bottom of the WHOIS screen is a spot where you can set your own name servers.

^^ thanks, but i do have one issue.

right now i have and in the NS location. when i update it with the ip, i get this “Error: “2” is not a valid TLD for a domain!”

I think you’re trying to change the wrong thing here. Are you trying to switch the domain to use an entirely different set of nameservers, or just change the server that the domain points to?

If it’s really the former, you will need to specify the nameservers by name, not by IP. This is a technical requirement of DNS — no way around it.

If, however, all you’re trying to do is switch the domain to be hosted elsewhere (which is probably the case), what you’ll want to do is first disable any existing web hosting for the domain, then click on the “DNS” link for the domain and add A records to the domain with the new IP.

correct. i’m just looking to switch the domain over to a new server. The thing is, doesnt’ the registrar take care of the external dns? i have a few other domains on other registrars, and all you do is click on the NS1/NS2, change the ip to point to the new server.

My A records are in for the new server as NS1 and and i’ve delete them on my old server.

i guess all i need to do now is click on “I want to refresh all of’s DNS info now! (No more than one refresh is allowed per 12 hours)” Go button? how will it find the new ips?

No, that’s not what you want. (Creating records for NS1 and NS2 is actually more likely to just mess things up — I’d advise removing them.) Since what you want here is to change the addresses that and resolve to, what you’ll want to create is two A records for “” (that’s right, blank) and “www” containing the address of the new server.


Ok i’ve created the two A records on my new server for my domain. but how does dreamhost get the updated ip? my other registrars i just updated the ip for ns1/ns2, and about 2hrs later the domain was forwarding to the new server.

thanks for helping me with this… much appreciated.


Well, I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you wanted, but it looks as though you’ve currently got the domain using GoDaddy’s nameservers. At this point, it no longer actually matters what DNS records you have in our system at all, as our nameservers aren’t consulted at all.


Thanks for your help. I just went through and updated the NS1/NS2 ips. I’m running a dedicated server, and dreamhost is my registrar and using them for external dns only, so the only dns records that would matter would be the NS1/NS2 A records. After emailing support the last 4-5 times, the last guy explained it what i needed to do.

Registrations -> Whois Info -> Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Set DNS info to host your domain elsewhere”. This is where i got lost. I needed to: click on the [set these nameserver] button and then it will bring up a page where you can put in your new nameserver’s IPs.

They really should have the ips listed below the custom nameservers. because i still wanted the same but just need to change the IP.

Thanks again Andrew & sdayman for taking your time to reply. and if anyone else has any issues, hopefully this can help them out in the future.