Changing directory of my Word PRess?

It’s currently installed in the directory /wp, which I want to change. However if I rename the directory, the design becomes all weird…how can I rectify this?

After you rename the Wordpress directory, change the URLs in Options -> General (Wordpress address and blog address).

Depending on how your site is set up, you may need to check your permalink structure as well.

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I’ve noticed that this does not update the URL under One-Click Installs. So, when upgrades become available, you have to rename that directory to the old name, run the upgrade, then change it back. This seems to have worked in my case; however, I’d much rather learn how to fix the URL under One-Click Installs in the case of a changed Wordpress directory name. I must confess I have not exhaustively RTFM’d, so if I missed it somewhere in the docs, it would be great to get a pointer to the fix. TIA.

Might a link let you move it while still maintaining one-click support? Yeah, it’ll mean you have two ways to get to it, but that way you can tidy up the link and keep automated upgrades.