Changing directory domain points to breaks Joomla

OK, my site is

I’ve been playing w/ a joomla site located at
now, I would like the main URL ( to point at the joomla site at /joomla, but when I change the web directory on the ‘manage domains’ tab in the panel, everything breaks…more specifically, everything gets really ugly–all text, none of the pretty stuff. Any ideas?

If all else fails, I’ll just uninstall joomla from /joomla/ and reinstall it to / but I’d like to avoid it if possible.


PS: Any suggestions on how where I should install software. For example, on my site I’d like joomla to run it, so points to joomla, then I’d like to point to a directory containing activcollab, and to point to a phpBB install. should these apps be in /home/user/ or /home/user/app/ with a subdomain pointed to them?

PPS: I am sorry for subjecting you to the rampant ugliness of the sites–I’m working on it. But right now, information delivery is more important!

I can’t really help with your ‘moving Joomla!’ question, as I don’t have a lot of expereince with Joomla!

However, as for where to install software; Since you intend to have the packages on their own sub-domains, I would suggest keeping the web-directories for the sub-domains as separate as possible, ie: not in sub-directories of the parent domains web-directory. This will prevent some problems, such as the interaction of .htaccess files etc.

For example…

Joomla -> /home/username/
Collaborate -> /home/username/
forum -> /home/username/

and so on…

This is actually the default behaviour when you add sub-domains via the panel, so you shouldn’t have to do much to organise things this way.


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