Changing default webmail access URL to HTTPS

Hi everyone,

I have a question that I doubt it is on the wiki, but I may also be wrong.
I own a domain, which is configured to allow webmail through RoundCube, using both secure and non-secure connections. The problem is that, by default, when I access it uses the non-secure URL, beginning with HTTP, and NOT with HTTPS.

Is there a way to change this behavior, or even prohibit HTTP access to a particular URL like this?

I also have SSH access to the server (although I can’t make ‘sudo’ - so, no root privileges), so if it’s necessary to change some configuration files, I can do it (or at least, try it). :wink:

Thanks for your help, guys!

Best regards,

Bruno Martins

Not applicable here, as webmail is hosted on a different set of servers that aren’t directly accessible by customers.

I’m not currently aware of any way that you can force SSL for webmail.

Unless you install RoundCube on your web server that has SSL and then do some .htaccess trickery to force a rewrite to https.

Ok, as I could understand it’s possible although that possibility is very remote.

Thanks anyway, guys.