Changing Default Hosting Server from .NET to .COM

I have two domain names that are associated with one website. Many years ago, I registered (because was unavailable) when I purchased my hosting plan through Fast forward to three years ago: I transferred hosting and domains over to DreamHost. I also purchased when it became available soon thereafter. I had no other choice but to set as a redirect to

Now, VITAOPUS.NET is still the domain that is associated with my FTP and Hosting Server.

So, my question is… how can I set it up to where VITAOPUS.COM is my primary domain that VITAOPUS.NET redirects to? Right now I have it the opposite, since VITAOPUS.NET was registered and created first— VITAOPUS.COM redirects to that.

Thanks for any help, guys!

Is the a Wordpress site, or how is it built?

It’s not too difficult to do this, however for example in the case of Wordpress there’s Wordpress steps, dreamhost panel steps and FTP step that need to be done on the correct order because if you use a different order you could lock yourself out of Wordpress admin.