Changing CNAME

I have a domain that I would like to point to a Heroku app. Here are the Heroku instructions for custom domains, which says all you need to do is to change the CNAME.

The domain is registered here, currently Fully Hosted and it does not seem like I can change the CNAME in the Panel. I would like to keep the email address(es) with you guys as I’m only trying out this Heroku app. Would it be possible somehow?

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You can add CNAME record via DH panel --> Manage Domains --> DNS --> Add a custom DNS record

And note that you’ll have to remove hosting for the domain (i.e, switch the domain to DNS only) to point it elsewhere with a CNAME. Otherwise you’ll end up with DreamHost and Heroku getting half of the requests for your domain.

If I leave the name blank I get the error message “CNAME records may only be used on sub-domains.”

If I use “www” I instead get the error message “You already have a record for this name. You can’t have a CNAME and any other record on the same name.”

The current value is [mydomain], but that record along with a bunch of others are listed under the heading Non-editable DreamHost DNS records.

EDIT: Thanks for the quick replies patricktan and Andrew F.

Removing the hosting, would that not remove my email addresses?

Removing hosting (using the button under the “Web Hosting” column of the “Manage Domains” panel tab) only removes web hosting — it’ll leave email intact. Once you’ve done that, the other DNS records that are getting in your way will vanish, and you’ll be able to create the CNAME.

With regard to the “CNAME records may only be used on subdomains” error, that’s an inherent issue with pointing to an external service using CNAME records. If Heroku has an alternate A record that you can use for the bare domain, you can use that. Otherwise, you could point the bare domain to a service like wwwizer and put the CNAME on “www” as a workaround.

Thank you! Feel free to mark this as solved.