Changing CNAME for www

I’d like to point at an external URL, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do so. Fully hosted domains already have non-editable DNS entries for and Is there a way to create/modify a CNAME record for www?

I’d still like to use Google Apps on the domain if possible for the sub-domains and mail, but would like and to point to


Create a fully hosted unused subdomain ( and delete the hosted main domain. That’ll force a DNS link you can use for a CNAME for the main domain.


getting this when I try to go into DNS for the subdomain now…

Weirdness on this domain…
We currently have no “zone” file for, and so you cannot modify DNS.

Are you sure you have this domain hosted with us? (This page won’t do anything unless’s nameservers are set to,, and

Nonetheless, we’ll try and create one now. Please try reloading this page in a couple of minutes. Sorry for the delay!

That is weird. Have you turned on Google hosting? Even if so, you should still be able to get into DNS, as I think you already have for the main domain. For fun, try to Refresh DNS at the top of that page.


the Refresh option isn’t there either. The only content on that page is what I pasted in my post above. There are no DNS actions available whatsoever.

I figured out the problem. There are 2 different “Delete” buttons in the domains list screen. One deletes the hosting, the other deletes the domain. I had deleted the entire domain. It’s a bit unclear what each button does…I thought they were redundant.

So I have the CNAME working for now. Is there a way to point web traffic from to (or the destination domain) in this case, too?

Have you tried adding a blank CNAME with the same value as your www CNAME? That should make work the same way.