Changing back from Gmail


I’ve browsed the forums and I think I know the answer to this question, but I want to be REALLY careful about this. I’ve only used Dreamhost’s standard mail up to this point. I’d like to see what it would be like to use Gmail to manage my mail. However, if I don’t like it I will of course want to switch back to Dreamhost’s. I want to make absolutely sure I’ll be able to do that.

Thank you, and happy birthday in advance.

You can always change back. If you do, you may have a short period when your mail could go either place as DNS updates, and that could result in you “missing” some mail.

Have you considered instead of changing you existing domain setting to “try” Gmail just creating a new “” domain and setting it to use Gmail so you can see how you like it?

–DreamHost Tech Support

The domain in question is one I just registered tonight. There’s no danger of losing anything, but I didn’t want to back myself into a corner and find that I had done something irreversible. I wasn’t sure how Gmail handles transfers away from them (don’t they do something weird when trying to close an account?) so I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a policy in place preventing such a transfer. Similar to the inability to forward mail to AOL and Comcast that I read here.

The subdomain idea is very cool tho, in case I need it in the future for some reason.

Thank you for your help.