Changing apache servertokens setting?

Hi, I noticed that apache seems to be configured with “ServerTokens full”, which adds about 140 bytes to the http header. For many small http requests, that’s enough to push the response to 2 tcp packets instead of 1, which has significant performance impact.

Is there some way to set “ServerTokens min” instead?

That is the default setting. I would think the fact that it echoes the PHP version (which varies from setup to setup) is probably useful information.

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Did you try setting it in an .htaccess file?

yeah, ServerTokens doesn’t work in .htaccess. it’s a server-wide setting.

it’s not a big deal. it’s just a micro-optimization for site visitors. probably doesn’t make a noticeable difference under most conditions.

(one case I see where it might make a difference: a page with lots of small images that mostly fit in one tcp packet.)