Changing / adding domain


Hello guys,
I purchased a hosting and domain with dreamhost and found out that the domain is wrong and needed to purchase another domain. I dont know how to add the new domain to this hosting and make it my default/primary domain. This is important since I like my E-mail address to have the right domain. Can anyone help? Is that possible without transfering the domain from Namecheap (thats where I purchased it) to dreamhost?




You would need to change the nameservers the domain has at namecheap to, and

Once this has been done you can add the domain in the CP at manage domains > Add/remove domain.

Later if you stay with dreamhost it should be possible to not renew the domain that is wrong, transfer the domain fully to dreamhost and nominate the new one as the free domain.

You don’t need it to be nominated as a main domain any domain you have is basically treated the same as any other.

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thanks for the reply. I did change the DNS from where my domain is parked and I was able to create a new E-mail account with the new domain. But I do have a problem with the website now. The new domain is not going to the website. Is there a way to make both domains start the same website? or can I make the new domain the default and the old one a secondary? I am getting the regular index page. Please look yourself --> is the new domain
www.extremediala.xom --> is the old one



Okay, I guess I figuered it out. After creating a new domain, the FTP showed a new file for the new domain. So I copied the old files of the website into the new file and everything is working. I did not know this, but it seems like you can have several websites and domains in one account. Is that true?


Yup! There’s no limit. Host as many domains and subdomains as you want under one account.

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