Changing 2 frames with Javascript

I used this code from a tutorial to change two frames at once, and it worked fine for the first two links, then I used it on all the other links and it wont open anything exept the last link on the list. The url is feel free to view source and get back to me. Thanks in advance for your help!

I have a feeling it might be as simple as putting a name on the seperate scripts. But I dont know.

Numerous errors are thrown up using firefox.

Should be changed to

(missing ’ next to rfrev.html)

You also have too many functions called the same thing. I don’t think JS supports function overloading but I could be wrong…

Try removing all of the functions (keep a backup somewhere) and replacing them with


Also, you’ve called your CSS file “mystyle2.css.html”, rename the file “mystyle2.css” and make sure you change the link in your HTML, make those changes and I’ll try to help with any others that popup :P.