Changes to this forum?

Posting it in web design seems the best place.

To the Dreamhost guys. Any chance you could increase the size of the text area in these forums?

When I am writting a long post the scrolling can become a bit of a pain. Oh and a longer “subject” field would be great as well.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I agree. Also, your FAQ link in the forum does not work.

hey, thanks…the FAQ link works now

: ))

I think it worked the whole time. I never had any problems with it…


it works on the main index page, but when I select FAQ here…the link is

and it goes to
Not Found
The requested URL /faq_ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

but, it worked on the main page earlier??? now I get the error again…then again, it could be me : (

lol - but I did get in there once, and my question was answered : )

so I don’t need to go there again.


Weird. In my browser, I see the URL as [url=][url] so there’s no problem.


That was what I saw earlier, when i did get into the FAQs area.

I just went and deleted my cache and cleared my history and I still go the the error page. I doubt it makes a difference, but I am on a mac, OS 9.2, IE 5.1.7. I can easily get into all of the other sections in the top menu bar.

when I view the source code for this page, I see

maybe because of the % sign and my os, browser, etc. that is just what happens??


as a reference to my above post… when I pasted the code, was faq_(there was a percentage sign and not a dot [.])pl

but, I am not a coder. so it is probably normal to change.