Changes to Spam Filtering

Hey. Since whatever changes went down with the email a few days ago, my Dreamhost email account redirects spam to a “Spam” folder when previously i has able to get it to send to a “Junk” folder which i use with Apple Mail and my iOs devices.

Its been a while since I was in the control panel tweaking my email settings, so i don’t remember the old system well enough to know exactly what has changed, but i seem unable to switch it back to how I had it before.
Matter of fact, i don’t seem to be able to disable the spam filter at all, just add whitelisted sites.

Have some control panel options for mail been removed? Any idea how I can restore the previous ‘Junk’ folder functionality I enjoyed?


We did remove the scoring options from the panel because Vade is a learning system so it will automatically sort and score emails based on how you train it. We are currently routing any spam messages to your Spam folder. If you find any emails in your spam folder that are not supposed to be there you can simply right click on the email and mark it as ‘not spam’, likewise for any spam in your inbox right click on the email and select ‘spam’ for any spam messages.

Thanks for your help, and I appreciate how the new system is more easily trainable, however I don’t use the webmail interface for obvious reasons- the iOS and MacOS Mail apps are more convenient.

So now I have a ‘Junk’ folder that sits there on my Apple devices unused which i can’t get rid of, and a ‘Spam’ folder server side that I cant change.

Unless you know how to change this?

One last question, does just moving messages into the ‘Spam’ folder from Apple Mail also train Vade? Or only when marking as spam using the webmail interface?


I believe on iOS mail you can specify which folder to use for which purpose, not just junk/spam but also sent, trash and drafts.

A quick google search revealed this question that may steer you in the right direction:

I’ve opened a request for our team to write more documentation.

I’m not an expert in Vade, but if it’s like any other antispam filter, all that matters is that the spam messages go in the right IMAP folder.

Great, thanks for your continued help. Using the info from you link I was able to configure MacOS mail so that it uses the ‘Spam’ folder as the ‘Junk’ folder. Nothing changes server side, its more of a graphical change so that “Spam” looks like its called “Junk” and is positioned up the top of folder list next to the inbox and has a custom icon.

So all good there.

Unfortunately iOS doesn’t have any Junk mail filtering capacity so its not possible so assign the Junk folder to anything. Drafts, Sent, Archive and Deleted Messages are all assignable however, as you say.

So this all ends up with there still being the same ‘Spam’ folder server side / with Webmail, the same with iOS Mail, and MacOS mail graphically pretending ‘Spam’ is called ‘Junk’. Not good.

So, as far as I can tell, It looks like you’re out of luck if your run iOS. The problems I am having here will have to be solved server side. If Dreamhost can add the ability to designate another Spam folder, or maybe just add the ability to automatically forward the contents from ‘Spam’ to ‘Junk’ that would fix it.

Having iOS users unable to properly integrate with the Dreamhost email system is a big problem.


P.s. I have configured a message filter on Cpanel to move any message with ‘SPAM’ or ‘Spam’ in the header to the ‘Junk’ folder. Not optimistic about this working though.

I have found Atmail spam “training” to be a disaster. Even though I diligently mark every piece of spam, I still continue to to now get hundreds of spam emails a day! This was not happening prior to the change. This is not working for me at all, and I have put in several support tickets with no real help.

This is time to look for another host provider.

@flaghand… Me too. NOT helpful. AT ALL.

In my most recent interaction about this issue, the support folks have done nothing but say I’m imagining things. According to them, their spam quarantine process has not changed. It’s all working perfectly and I’m an idiot for thinking something has changed with the migration to atmail. Worse, I’ve been rudely, personally attacked and accused of doing stupid things with blacklisting addresses which caused this to happen to me and me alone. (Which I haven’t done. I’m not a tech idiot so I know enough about what not to do.) Their only “help” was to tell me that since I messed it up, I need to fix it myself! Yes. SERIOUSLY! I NEED TO FIX IT MYSELF!

Trying to wade through the hundreds of spam messages each day has brought my little business to a screeching halt. But it’s the rude attacks from support folks that are forcing me to leave DH. I’m appalled to be personally attacked for reporting a problem and asking them to fix it. I know it’s not “just me”. There’s enough evidence on these forums alone (not to mention WWW-wide) about people having horrible spam problems since they switched to atmail. SHEESH!

I’m trying to help a client on Mac Mail set up as IMAP who is hosted on Dreamhost with a similar spam issue that has been happening since September. Have you found any solutions to this issue? I told her to go onto webmail and marking everything as “spam” to help train the filter. On her webmail interface there is nothing in her spam folder that she hasn’t put there and nothing in the IMAP junk folder, it seems to be going into her main folder instead. The things she has marked as “junk” on the Mac Mail side are going into her Mac junk folder (there are two junk folders, one Mac, one with a generic icon). Is this the issue that the junk/spam filtering is suddenly not catching the blantan spam messages? Is it a Mac Mail + IMAP problem?

This is my only Dreamhost client so I’m not adept at navigating their system, and we haven’t had issues up until this point.


I’ve had some pretty negative experiences with the new spam filtration. “We love it and you will to” is possibly one of the worst ways to introduce a new, required change.

My main request is a way to sort my Spam folder from “least-likely” to “most-likey” spam. If I have 600 spam messages (happens) I want to look at the 50 least likely, not 600, trying to find spam filter errors.

And there have been a lot of errors, from google groups to IEEE to several vendors and clients, some times it ends up in spam, some times not.

I’ve filed bugs and received feedback that the filtration system wasn’t working well in November:
At the present moment our developers and engineers are working diligently
to fix specific issues we are seeing with Vade not honoring spam
signature scoring and sometimes not honoring specific whitelist or
blacklist addresses.

Just now discovered the old Junkmail Quarantine is still running on my domain but I have no web access to sort/release, just a new “Junk” folder in my IMAP folders. (Edit: it never shows new message counts, but has the ~1750 mis-filed emails so I can dig through by hand.)

Does the person in charge of spam filtering at Dreamhost read this board?