Changes to site

Why does it take so long for changes to take effect might I ask?
I was used to instant changes and thought it would be standard… it is a pain having to wait for an hour or more in some instances for things to take effect. (I voted for the “Everything quicker in the suggestions”, if only I could vote for that 4 times! (oh I can, I just have to vote for it :P)).

What sort of changes are you talking about?

Whenever I upload a new file, the changes are visable instantly.

Could it be that your browser is loading a cached copy of your page? Try clearing your cache and seeing if that doesn’t help.

No it says that creating a Mysql database or changing passwords could take up to an hour or more. Seems strange that passwords aren’t automatically changed…
File uploading is fine. Since you can’t really put a delay on that unless you intentionally did it.

The only reason I can see, is that databases, passwords etc are updated manually which would mean a LOT of work for DH…

My databases are always created in about 5-10 minutes and my password changes are always instant. The disclaimer is probably just a precautionary measure, just in case things get really backed up.


And they do, sometimes… Ah, patience is a virtue. Have a cuppa coffee, finese that design… :slight_smile:

(if you try to use a mySQL database that is not ready, or your user hasn’t updated, you may get errors).

I noticed I get errors…
Patience is a virtue, but when the average waiting time on the net is 10 seconds, I’d prefer a faster implementation of my changes.
I guess it’s going to be worse when setting my domain up. Once it’s all settled it should be fine. Oh well.

when I first started creating databases and jumped the gun too quickly I dropped all the tables and started over. Or, just deleted the DB and started again. I usually don’t wait more than an hour and plan for it now :-). Sometimes I set up some “at the ready” DBs and populate them when I test things out.

The domains are pretty instant, actually (although it may take a while to propagate throughout the web).

Generally, when I start working a on site, I’ll set everything up before I go to work in the morning and then I begin working on the site when I get back in the late afternoon/evening.

actually, i have the same problem.

of course uploading files to a site that already exists is instantly available, but the problem is adding subdomains, mysql databases, and email accounts.

i had added a subdomain thursday night, and it wasn’t available until around 8:30 friday morning. i was ready with my pages an hour after “adding” the subdomain, but since it hadn’t been created yet, even its ftp folder wasn’t available. after i got impatient, i used telnet to get in to create the folder on my own.

perhaps i’m missing something, but don’t these changes basically boil down to changing some configuration files and perhaps creating folders? are these changes being manually done?

ps- i’m still waiting on an email address that i created early this morning.

Would you rather they rebooted the webserver once every 5 minutes? Since half the changes you make require httpd to restart (or at least rehash it’s config, which can interrupt traffic) I would kind of expect them to meter it out a bit :slight_smile:

fair enough :slight_smile:

but if you check the original post, someone was able to have their changes reflected immediately, which means it is possible to do.

i am a novice myself, but it seems like this issue would come up more often and would have been addressed somehow. during my cursory searching, i’ve found references to cPanel’s ability to immediately create subdomains, as well as a way to do it through wildcard dns.

these methods may have drawbacks that i’m not aware of, but the original post was not asking for immediate changes, only for the reason why it is the way it is. follow-up questions would be, is there a way to do it without restarting httpd or rehashing the config file, and what are their drawbacks?