Changes to mail*, mailboxes.* and introduce API

mailboxes.* needs a serious revamp.

First, when webmail.* is disabled, those links should not appear in mailboxes.*

Second, mailboxes needs an API, ASAP. Many of us run our own Roundcube (or other mail) software for various benefits, such as keeping software current, customization, and using our own SSL Certs. In keeping with rolling our own (end keeping our branding), we don’t want users to have to visit mailboxes to manager their account. Please provide an API so we, the DH community, can develop our own Roundcube (et al) plugin for managing user mail settings. In addition, if DH provides a OAuth service for checking/managing mail/settings, we can write plugins for ownCloud and other software, and the entire system becomes a more enterprise-friendly setup. Writing an OAuth provider is not hard. Please!

Third, I want to install my own software at mail., but we can’t do that now. It should be trivial to establish IMAP., POP., and SMTP., and then mirror them with mail.. For users like myself, we’ll disable the mirror and install our own webmail software. More users expect http://mail., not some random sub-domain.

All of this is really easy to do, and I’d be willing to donate my development skills to provide client-side plugins for the DH community. Why not take advantage of that?

Agreed. As much as I like SquirrelMail’s simplicity, I’d like something a bit more polished. Upvote!