Changes to DH plans?

Ok so is this true?? I got the announcement today from DH telling about the changes to our plans. If you didn’t get the email then go here to see what you now get with your plan
My question is…does my Crazy Domain plan REALLY get full CGI, MySQL, and additional users for FREE?? I just want to make sure I am reading this correctly before I go and get all excited. LOL

Also about the one free domain registration…Do we all really get one for free?? Do I have to pay for setup or anything? It’s not that I don’t believe DH but all this seems too good to be true :slight_smile:


Yup it’s all true!
Merry 1/4 christmas, March 25th!


Thanks Josh! I guess I won’t be sleeping tonight because I’ll be checking out all the scripts I have been wanting to use. LOL I better get the coffee started and be on my way to Matt’s Script Archive :wink:

Thanks DH!!!


Back in the days of ferrite core memory, programming profs used to emphasize that you make the program work right before you worry about speeding it up. Similarly, bells and whistles wouldn’t matter much if Dreamhost hadn’t done a seriously good job of hosting for the years I’ve been a customer - although when I first arrived here, I was on a server named Jezebel, and I wondered if she was going to be unfaithful.

I don’t expect perfection. I do expect “seriously good”, and except for some growing pains and an attack of vandalism a couple of years ago, Dreamhost has performed well.

Thanks for the extra bells and whistles. But thanks even more for getting the basics right. And happy 1/4 new year. Wait a second. That’s April Fool’s day, isn’t it? Oh well, happy happy joy joy anyway.

[quote]I better get the coffee started and be on my way to Matt’s Script Archive :wink:


please also check out
these scripts are designed as drag and drop replacements for matt’s scripts, but are designed in a more secure manner.

this way, we won’t have to get spam complaints for people abusing your form to mail script and so on :>


If we’ve never taken advantage of the free domain registration, can we do that now?

Craig (NDN ID csfels)


you can ask tech support to move a registration you’re already paying for to your free spot, or you can add a new free one just by going to “Domains > Add Domain” and choosing your hosting plan when it gets to the registration step!


I assume this means solely a FREE DOMAIN and absolutely nothing to do with FREE HOSTING on that domain right?

Can the Free Domain be used to transfer a domain to Domainitron? Or is it only good on new domains & ones already registered through Domainitron?