Changes in's nameserver names and IP numbers

I just changed at my domain registrar’s online site the nameservers of the domains I am hosting at Dreamhost to point to internet address = internet address =
(they allow only two nameservers)

The registrar’s DNS form asked if the hosting company had established a technical contact ID with them and did I want to specify that ID as the technical contact for the domain? I couldn’t imagine anyone from Dreamhost actually logging on each time the name or IP address of a nameserver changes (I was asked to specify both)–after all, Dreamhost hosts thousands of domains–so I simply took the other option of using my own ID at that registrar as technical contact.

But this raises the question: how often do the names and IP addresses of Dreamhost’s nameservers actually change from those listed above? Is there some kind of mailing list I should join to be informed of changes?

And am I right in assuming that no serious hosting company would ever actually change the names or IP addresses of their nameservers (or the associations between them), since then practically all their hosted customers whose domains are registered with another registrar would have to change their nameservers pronto or face total chaos?

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The name servers should never change, but your site won’t be on a static IP unless you choose to pay extra ($4.95/mo) for that service.

As long as you point your domain name to:
and (for those who can list more than 2)
you’ll be fine.

Thanks for the answers. I don’t need a static IP for my site, and I’m assuming that the information I gave to my registrar re. Dreamhost’s nameserver names, IP addresses and their association is not likely to change.

(I could have answered this for myself: how else are the root DNS servers going to handoff any query to the nameservers for a domain name unless they have both the name and IP number of those nameservers?

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