Changed password on MySQL database and now receiving error

Changed password on MySQL database and now receiving error. I think this is because I need to update the configuration.php (gathered that much from reading on the internet) but I have no idea how to access that file.

I figured I could access it through WebFTP but it won’t accept my username to even login.

Please help, I’m a super-noob but not incompetent.

I was able to one-click install Joomla 2.5 but now I am stuck.

When I try to access my site I get an error: “Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL.”

Which I believe has arisen only after I changed my password.

First try using a real SFTP client to connect to your files.

If it still fails, double check that you are using the correct username and password for the user who owns the domain files - and if that still fails, try altering the password for that domain user and try again.

jaham00, can you provide a domain or account ID number so I can locate your account and take a look? If you’re still seeing the error, that is. I’d be happy check your settings out for you :slight_smile:

@sXi…By SFTP do you simply mean a secure FTP? Does that mean I need to go enable (and pay a premium) for https from dreamhost?

I’m pretty sure I’ve got the password and username right but ajaxexplorer on the second attempt does notify me that: “Cannot find user, please try again. Make sure your Caps Lock is not engaged!”

But, there are only two user names it could be and I’ve tried both?

@DH_Elle_S…my domain is and account #1418485…any help would be much appreciated (I am still seeing the error).

SFTP does not require your domain to be https. You need only go to “manage users” in the panel and change the “User Account Type:” to choices 2 or 3.

To find the correct set of credentials to use for a domain, in the dreamhost panel go to “manage domains”. Find the corresponding domain name and look in the “web hosting” column for that user. A user name will be listed there. If you do not know the associated password for that user, then use the “manage users” page to change it (remember panel changes take 10-20 minutes to reach the server.)

Thanks LakeRat…The username stipulated there is the exact one I have been trying to use but I still get that same error message in Ajaxexplorer stating “Cannot find user, please try again. Make sure your Caps Lock is not engaged!”

This makes me think I have either the Host name or port number incorrect. The port number is prepopulated with 21 and the host name ( I am pulling directly from the MySQL Databases page where it says what the hostname is.

Of course, all of this is an attempt to get into WebFTP under the assumption that I needed to change my password in the configuration.php file in order to be able to log intophpMyAdmin and rectify the “Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL.” error I receive when visiting my domain…hopefully that assumption is correct.

Thanks again for all the help.

Don’t use your MySQL hostname here. Simply put your domain name. You are logging into the webserver, not the database host.

LakeRat is right. You can either use your domain name for the Host, or your server:

I tested it just now with both, and was able to log-in :slight_smile: