Changed FTP user


I changed the FTP user for a domain from the account holder to a new user that was created for me. The domain control panel shows the domain as ‘fully hosted’ with the user set to my account. I can FTP to the account and see / change the files for the domain.

But it does not appear that the files I change are actually those the web server is serving up for the domain. IE, I can edit index.php and add an ECHO (a Drupal site) and the echo doesn’t show up. I can edit settings.php so that Drupal update should be able to run, but Drupal still reports no permission.

Any pointers? The change of web host was made a couple days ago so I’d think if there was any propagation problem it should be done. THanks!



Ctrl-F5 to force a refresh in your browser

If you still don’t see the changes, then you are editing the wrong files. Verify that the document root specified in your hosting setup is the same as the one you are attempting to edit.


Thx for the reply. Looks like a customized http-conf on an old VPS account I’m taking over admin duties for without many notes on how it was configured. Files moved to my UID but Apache doesn’t know it yet. Hopefully when I can sudo I’ll figure it out.