Changed DNS.. what did i do?

so i’m a complete n00b and i dont completely understand how this works (nor do i understand this webhosting lingo) , but since i was unable to transfer my .ca domain over, i changed the DNS (i got the idea from ‘i already have a domain name…how do i transfer it to you?’ on this page

It says "Next you’ll need to do is modify your domain’s DNS settings. DNS is what connects your domain to our servers. It’s no problem hosting a domain with us that you registered somewhere else! "

So I did it.

Does that mean I’m now able to use my DH webspace for my non-DH domain? (I’m not too worried about screwing anything up because I don’t have anything on my site) because that’s what i’m trying to do.
If so, can someone explain where i go from there? i.e.
-what do i have to do in DH for it to acknowledge my .ca domain as mine
-which site i would use (DH or where i have my .ca) or what address i would use for my ftp when i want to update my site? i’m totally drawing a blank.

any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Well, your first step is to add the domain to your hosting account. You do this in the web panel under “Domains>Manage Domains” and you click on “Add New Domain / Sub-Domain”. You want a fully hosted domain.

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you are awesome, Lensman.

i’ve just done that, so do i go about my business as usual now?