Changed dns, can't access "old" ftp, gmail can't get dreamhost mail


I had a site,, and subdomain,, that were both set up with wordpress, hosted by another hosting service.

I am changing to dreamhost. After setting the dns to point to dreamhost (approx 12 hrs ago), nothing comes up at the sites. I understand that, but have some very general structural questions I would really appreciate some help with.

Question 1) Should I be able to access ftp at both old and new hosts, or does the dns change make it so I am not going to be able to ftp into the old host?

old host ftp login -
Dreamhost ftp login -

I can get at the dreamhost one. It is (basically) empty, which I understand, because I have not put anything there yet. I can no longer connect to the old one.

Question 2) Does the fact that I can access the dreamhost ftp mean the dns change has propagated, or possibly not complete yet?

I ask because gmail used to grab my email from; now I get “Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password.” I can use the address via, but I would like to get it working with gmail again. I have gone nuts with every combination of setting I can find, port, ssl, etc, etc.

Question 3) Could that pop3 error be due to needing to wait for dns to propagate, or do I need to try something else to get gmail fetching my modernist mail again?

Lastly, in general, I have no idea how to go about moving the sites over. I was sort of praying there was some “move all the files to the new host” command and then with a couple tweaks I could get them running.

Question 4) Can you point me in a general direction of what I need to do to get my sites running in the least painful way possible?

I know it’s a lot to ask, if you have the patience to help me out I would greatly appreciate it!

too bad i cannot edit my post after a certain time. the gmail thing resolved itself and now works so i believe the dns has propagated. still cannot log into the old ftp account, so if anyone has advice on that or migrating the site in general, please advise.

thank you!

For FTP, you can FTP to
The MACHINE is the web server name you get from the panel here if you click Account Status in the right corner.

I just read a bit closer. You want to FTP to your old site. If you still have the IP address, then that would work. You can also try the ‘dig’ command at the old DNS server to get the old IP address:

Thanks a lot for the response!

I can see my current info. How would I use it to get the the IP address of my old ftp server?

current login -
old login -

Drat, I guess your old host’s name server will have the new info. Do you still have any domains hosted at the other place? Do you still have some sort of panel access over there where you can get server info?