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Reading this you can change your life! It turned my own life … I came across this reading one forum, and decided to try. Surfing the net I found an article, which said one could make thousands of dollars in a fortnight investing as little as $5… Well, I thought … that must be one more attraction for dimwits, but still I read it up to the end to know what sort of ‘Herbalife’ I was supposed to spend my money on.
Thinks you need:
• make money by e-gold account
• easy money from e-gold
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Step 1:
People were to send $1 to each of 5 e-gold accounts listed below; then to strike out the first account from the list, thus clearing the last line. You put the number of your own e-gold account into this vacant 5th line and send this text to 100 different forums. No tricks… I hesitated a bit and understood I didnt risk anything but $5 …and decided to try.Just guess what happened !!!!! In 7 days money started to arrive … I was really shocked! And thought it would stop soon. But it didnt!

Step 2:
I made $15 during the first week, by the end of the second week I had more than $1500, in 20 days I had $15000!!! Now, after 4 weeks, I have about $45000 and the sum grows very quickly.

Step 3:
And thats all at a price of $5!!! My financial position was poor till I came across this article. I couldnt believe it works, unless I started to get money order from all over the world…I bought everything I needed, and it was quite fortunate, wasnt it??! And now Id like to tell YOU how it works and, which is more important, HOW! I promise you that if you follow all the instructions given below, youll start earning much more money you ever expected without much effort. Please, read this twice! Follow these instruction, and youll start getting money. Thats very simple! Its legal. And you have to invest only $5… IMPORTANT: Its not a fraud, its not illegal, you risk practically nothing, but it works!!! ATTENTION: Follow the instructions EXACTLY and $30000 will be yours in 20 to 60 days. The system works very well thanksgiving to the honesty of the participants.

Step 4:
So, these are the 3 steps to success: 1. If you havent got those $5 e-gold, you have to register in the e-gold system at Get acquainted with this system, see how it works and choose the variant that suits you and put $5 to your account ( 2. Send $1 to the first e-gold account number, and in the ‘Note’ directory write ‘ mylist & email address ’. 3 . Everything youve done – you have created a service and what you`ve done is absolutely legal. You ask for a legal service, and you pay for it. Send $5 to the following e-gold account ($1 to each of them):

  1. 5329385
  2. 5329483
  3. 5330209
  4. 5330736
  5. 5329120

Step 5:
4.Now erase the first account from this list, thus the list will go higher (number 3 will be 2,number 2 will be number 1, etc.). And put the number of your e-gold account into line 5. Like this: 1. 5329483; 2. 5330209; 3. 5330736; 4. 5329120; 5) Your egold number Here 5.Make all the necessary changes, but try to preserve the main idea. Put this article to at least 100 forums and News Groups. Remember, the more forums you send this article to, the higher will be your income, and your income depends on you directly.

Step 6:
This business goes on and thrives thanks to the honesty and earnestness of the participants. So, by the time you reach the first position in the list, youll have thousands of dollars just as a creator of the list! And this costs $5 and trifling work!!! Do it now – dont put it off till tomorrow!!! Time is money!!! And now Im going to tell you why you dont lose nothing anyway and only gain. Say, Ill get only 15 answers to 100 article placement (which is a very low rate). So, Ill get $15, being number 5 in the list. Now these 15 people make MINUMUM 100 article placements again with my purse number at line 4, and only 225 people answer them – this will be $225 already. Then these 255 people put this article to 100 forums with my purse number at line 3, and my income is $3375 already, etc. For comprehension purposes, here is an easy viewing chart: 1) 15(1x 15 ) = 15 people ($1) = $15 2) 15(15x 15 ) = 225 people ($1) = $225 3) 15(225x 15 ) = 3375 people ($1) = $3375, etc. And that`s all with the initial investment of $5. When you are out of list already, you just start it again and put your purse to the last position and place the article at forums. Can you imagine, that thousands of people from all over the world access the Internet and read the article every day, just like you are reading this article now!!! How this work ? Right copy and paste this article to any website , forum group , make with blogger and free site and promote this article around 100 post !! Waiting your respon !! So, what? Will you spend $5 to see that it really?


Step 7: ???
Step 8: PRISON!


I’ve put in a support request to have this thread deleted.

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I didn’t even have to read the whole post to know that the world would be a better place if you killed yourself.

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Okay, I have just tried this and ended up with three goats, five chickens and an asthmatic parrot called Eric. I think I went wrong somewhere.


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I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!


Sweet! I had ignored this until now, but I want me some goats!

I don’t care about the chickens but I figure I can use them as sacrifices to teh INTARWeb Gods when things are screwed up, or BBQ them … and maybe I can train the parrot to say, “Yes dear!” when ever that woman I live with yells at me to do something.



Please don’t. I haven’t gotten my money yet.

Do we even know why you want goats? No.



I want the parrot.

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The parrot’s dead.



Hey, I know where they are from.

I found it in Google. Exactly the same words. No single one is changed!

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[quote]Step 7: ???
Step 8: PRISON![/quote]
rotf deliv’rd

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