Change Wordpress to fully hosted

I installed my Wordpress blog on Dreamhost using 1-click.

Now I regret it - I’d like to try more plug-ins, themes etc.

Can I move to being fully hosted somehow? (without disrupting subscribers to my RSS feed etc.)

Thanks for helping

No, you have to dump that Easy Install and then wait for it to clear from the system. Then you can install the Advanced one-click. Follow the directions on the WordPress codex regarding moving to a new server, which you technically are, as Easy installs aren’t on your regular server.


Can you get a database dump via the Easy setups?

Reason I ask is that OP’s last query was regarding redirection (domain -> sub) so it might be worth looking into the feasibilty of throwing an Advanced install into the original domain and setup some alternate redirection back from the sub once it’s setup. If it’s possible he’d at least retain the posts and if really lucky it might minimise disruption of his current userbase to some degree.

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You can dump via Export all of the posts. Maybe Support could provide the user with a database dump. Or at least a username, password, and hostname so they can do a manual dump. I can’t think of any other ways to save their old data.

Since an Easy install can’t be modified, they’re stuck with it where it is. The main issue is trying to extract their old data.