Change WordPress location, or modify import?



I signed up with DreamHost shared unlimited hosting to migrate a couple of web sites. One of them had WordPress installed in /wordpress/. I notice at Dreamhost all the WordPress program files are in the root of my site :frowning:.

I think this will cause problems when I import my WordPress site export XML file, because it has things like
guid isPermaLink=“false”>http : //
wp:attachment_url> ![CDATA[http: //]]>


It seems my choices are:

  1. Import the WordPress site export XML and see what happens.
  2. Modify the WordPress site export XML file to replace /wordpress/ with / (only 32 references), then import.
  3. Using SFTP, move the WordPress program files out of my site root.

I’m biased towards 3 because it’s so confusing having all those files in the root. There are a couple of old forum posts, e.g. “Issue moving WP install to subdirectory,” that make it sound like this is supported. Will moving WordPress’s install location break the One-click install or future updates of it?

Thanks for any advice.


We used plugin changer.




I decided on #3, to move the WordPress files out of my site root, as I use the site for more than WordPress. I mostly followed the WordPress guide Giving WordPress Its Own Directory - Method II (With URL change).

The only glitch is the DreamHost panel still thinks WordPress is in the root ( (One-Click Installs > Manage Installed Applications > [Domain] shows WordPress’s Location within domain as ‘/’).


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