Change Where Server Points

I’m trying to figure out how to point a domain hosted at DreamHost to my Tumblr page. On Tumblr’s FAQ it says to do this:

“Then you’ll need to follow the registrars instructions to point the domain’s A-record (IP address) to “XX.XX.XX.XX”.” (it has an IP address filled in).

I’ve added an A record to the DNS setting in my DH panel… but it hasn’t worked (it’s been 3 days). I’m sure there’s something else to it that I’m just not aware of. It shows my added A record… but it also shows the default DH one.

Anyone have any ideas?

Depends what you mean by “point to”. Guessing, I suggest looking at “Cloaked mirroring” or other options in the panel domains edit page. That is, if it’s not already too far gone with those other changes, heh.

Go to the Panel, click on “Domains” and “Manage” domains. Then choose which domain you want to point to Tumblr (no sub-domain). Then click on the “DNS” link of the domain which you want to point to Tumblr.
Now you get a form:

Name: _________
Type: A
Value: the Tumblr IP address
Comment: whatever

Now either leave the input field at “Name” empty and it will point to Tumblr. Or enter a Sub-Domain like If you also want to point to Tumblr you need to create an additional A-record for that.

Hope it helps.

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That’s what I thought, too! And that’s exactly what I did… but it’s either not working or the change is taking an extremely long time…

Well the only change I’ve made is to add an A record… and that can be deleted.

But is cloaking really what I want to do? I don’t want it to appear as though I’m doing anything shady :stuck_out_tongue:

The DH wiki doesn’t say anything of use, either. Surely I can’t be the only person who’s wanted to do this. Haha.

I once temporarily moved my DH domain to another host that way. It does take some time to update though, depending on your hosts DNS server.

You could login to DH via SSH and run a console based browser like links or lynx and see if the right page resolves. Since DH uses it’s own nameservers which you update those will resolve almost instantly.

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Do you have two records for the same subdomain in your DNS records? I’m not sure if the DH system allows this, but it will confuse things. Did you add a blank A record or did you set this up for a subdomain?

You may have to remove hosting for the primary domain if you’re going to point the blank A record or the www A record to tumblr.

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I have followed the exact instructions (provided by Tumblr, the Dreamhost wiki, and mentioned earlier in this thread) for setting up my Tumblr page at and it was working last night. Earlier today, the subdomain stopped showing my Tumblr and instead displayed a 404 from Dreamhost. Then it came back up without me doing anything, and now it is back down again. Are things going to just be shaky for awhile while the DNS changes propagate, or is there something that Dreamhost or I are doing wrong?