Change user email address

I’ve setup an user and would like to change the email address. Can I just go into Mail > Addresses and change the user’s email address? Will it matter that the login name and email address don’t match?

This is for a full user not mail account…


I’ve had no problem doing just that. It doesn’t matter to the system that the login name and user part of email address are different, but IME users can forget the login name and try to login (e.g. with non-DH webmail) using the user name, which of course fails.

The only way to avoid this I know is (since you cannot rename users, strangely) is to create a new user, copy all of the settings, and delete the old, accepting that you’ll lose user data such as mailbox contents.

If I change the email address of an user, would the login username for webmail be ‘user’ or email address ‘’?


Using DH webmail the login is the user part of the address; using other webmail on a DH mailbox, it is the user name.