Change URL


Please help!!!

I want to change the URL for the website I have hosted on Dreamhost.

I transferred the new domain from 123reg and set it up on Dreamhost as fully hosted. Then set up a SQL DB for the new site.

I tried FTP-ing my files from the old one to the new one, this half worked as the old site came up using the new URL, but all the links in the site pointed back the old site.

I then tried copying my sql db from the old site to the new one using putty. But this didnt help either.

I have now reverted everything back to how it was. So my old site is up and working. My new site shows the default dreamhost screen and is pointing to the DB I set up myself.

Has anyone got any experience in doing this?

What kind of site are you moving? You mentioned an SQL db so it sounds like you’re trying to move a CMS like Drupal or WordPress. Is that the case?

Hi, I am moving a wordpress site.

No need for a new database!

So, if the currently-hosted WP site is called, make sure you add the new one (I’ll call it to your Manage Domains page as Fully Hosted as well. In the Fully Hosted settings for, where you can specify the user (from a drop-down menu) it’s hosted on and the domain directory, put it on the same user and same directory as If it was on a different user, a little checkbox may appear under the username asking if you’d like to have the content moved over for you. Leave it UNchecked. Once is on the same user/directory as has been, you should be able to log in to your WP dashboard at, and go to your settings there to change the blog and home URLs to This should make all the necessary path adjustments in the database for you!

If you have any questions, let me know here, or email our DreamTeam and we’ll help you get it sorted out: :slight_smile:

Excellent thanks, that has sorted it :slight_smile:

Can I let my old domain expire now?

Yes, you can if you’d like. If your domain is registered with us, you can go to your panel, and under Domains, click Registrations. Under the “Auto Renew?” column, you can choose “let expire” for that domain. :slight_smile: