Change url of site


I want to set up a wordpress site using one url (, then rather than migrate the site, just change the url (client to take site live. Can I do this on Dreamhost? and if so, how?

I’m a newbie, tried to figure it out but couldn’t.
Help very appreciated!


It’s a fairly easy process that is explained repeatedly in this forum (assuming the customers domain will be on the same dreamhost account.)

  1. Add the new domain as fully hosted via the panel, be sure to use the same user the the old domain was created under.
  2. Log in the the WP admin panel and change the URI twice, saving will give you an error message which you can ignore, but double check you have made the new entry correctly.
  3. Via FTP or shell you rename: to TEMP to
    TEMP to

once that is complete you have swapped the contents and should be able to view/login to wordpress under the address.


Thank you LakeRat - I did try to search through the forum, but guess I was using wrong search terms.
Your assistance is greatly appreciated!


To be honest search in this forum is a 5 letter word that starts with S and ends with S.

If you want to use a more powerful search for this forum go to and start the search box with " " followed by your keywords. Such as “ WP change URL”