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Hello. I’m having issues connecting my purchased Godaddy domain to my existing Wordpress account on Dreamhost which is linked to

I wish to change existing domain to, but I found your instructions very hard to follow. My issues start with the DNS records.

What is the first step in this process?
Do I move my Wordpress to a different domain at DreamHost after I setup my DNS or what? I really have no clue where to starts, everything’s so hard to follow.

Is there any simple instructions, step-by-step?

Thanks for your help.


No need to “move” anything.

• Get you Dreamhost name server addresses (there should be 3)

• Go to Godaddy (or wherever your registra is) and enter those adresses there.

• Wait a day or two (can take as long as 72 hours) for that info to propagate to all the ISPs.

• Then just access your site with the new domain name.

Note: you’ll likely need to edit your insite links and any absolute file paths using the new domain.


Ok, thank you, I now understand that the first thing in process is to actually change nameserves. Support sent me this link, which explains the way my wordpress site is moved into the new domain, so it kinda bothers me what you sad that I actually don’t need to move anything.

The thing is, I’ve done the issue with the nameservers with the help of Godaddy support. No in domain section in Dreamhost panel, I’ve got two domains: and

Now this is the problem, what next? How can I switch to only


But you aren’t moving from one domain to another. You are just wanting to no longer use the temporary sub-domain that DH provides to initially set up your WP site, and instead point your TLD (top level domain) to your account.

However, this may just come down to semantics. Always best to follow DH directions.

I would assume your needs to be “fully hosted”


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