Change technical the account

I have a client that requires recover your Dreamhost account is in the name of a technician who is no longer working with him.
The account is paying my monthly mail client with

Currently the bill is in the name of Yusuf Temur with email

The domain that you have in the Wordpress hosting is 19.95 dollars
If drawback had to change the ownership of the account, my client requires opening a new account but urgently needed to restore the contents (ftp and database, and email accounts)
Can anybody help me? I must send proof of payment?
Please, I request help to know the procedure.

Of course, I am available soon and await your help,
Thank you
Leonardo Grabow

This sort of question needs to be asked to the Support team at DreamHost. Please use the form on

Hi Smaffulli:
Thanks for your response.
The support not response while 3 days…
I go to contact the new.