Change sidebar font in Graphene?



I had this posting in the “Beginner’s” area but in 24 hours many have viewed it but no one has replied so I’m putting it here.

I’m using the Graphene theme with one sidebar. I would like to change the font that appears in some of the sidebar items. My main page font of my blog is Comic Sans MS but in the sidebar areas the line height is too small so it doesn’t look good. I would prefer to have Arial in those sidebar blocks; (for example the recent comments box). I can’t find any place in the dashboard where I can change the font in those sidebar areas. If it can’t be done with the usual user interface settings, can I get to it using the editor? I know a bit about style sheets, if I knew where the item is located that I need to change.



Unless some has that exact theme it may be hard for anyone to give an easy answer.

You can use view page source when viewing your site to find a class that wraps the content that you wish to change the font for, and then add that class to the bottom of the css file for your theme. I usually add a comment line like “begin site specific theme changes”, so that if something else isn’t behaving correctly later I can comment out my entire section to see if it is related. A change lower in the file in css always overrides a prior setting for the same class. It may also be that the class you add has never been specifically previously defined, in that case it’s possible the class will work for the change, but if it doesn’t then try to find a more specific class that wraps your content as there may be several. A tool such as firebug can also be very useful in determining what class to override.

It would be helpful when posting a question like this to include the domain name, as it may provide more specific answers.[hr]
FWIW, this forum is small enough cross posting does little good, and in fact can make answers more confusing for a user using search later. I’m sure when andrewf come through he will either combine your two threads or delete the other if it still has no replies.


Thank you!
I did try to delete my post from the beginner’s area but I think it had been there too long - it wouldn’t even let me edit it today to write in that I was re-posting in this other place.

Domain name:

I will poke around and see if I can find what you said to look for. I’ll let you know how it goes…



I think the author of this question would have got the answer by this time. For anyone who is visiting this thread infuture, i am giving the solution here. Graphene is a very highly configurable theme and many configuration you can change in the Theme options. Incase if you want to overwrite any styles, Graphene provides a way to override the CSS in Graphene Theme Options --> Display --> Custom CSS. You have to findout what is the style class they are using for your bar and write your own style code for it. usually .sidebar is the styeclass for the sidebar.