Change settings of mirror site?

I’m new to Dreamhost and am taking over a website that has a fully hosted domain and a mirror domain name.
Trouble is I want to change the settings on the mirror site to:

a) change the FTP account for access to the domain and
b) Set the www in url to "Leave it alone: Both and will work.

The only way to “save” these settings seems to be to click “Fully host this domain”. Since this domain is the mirror, I don’t think I want that…Is there some other way to save settings on the mirror domain?


Hey there, webmaster!

If you could provide a domain so I can locate your account, I might be able to give more specific help after seeing how it’s set up.

For now, we’ll just call the fully hosted domain “”, and the mirror “”. is the only domain that you can have FTP access to, and that you can force those ‘www’ settings on. If you’d like to change the FTP user that is hosted on, you can create a new user from the Fully Hosted settings you mentioned, and a small checkbox will appear asking if you’d like the site contents moved to that new user for you. Leave it checked and save the settings, and it will copy everything over and make the switch when it’s finished. :slight_smile: Your other domain at is essentially just a domain pointed at the same directory as, and will keep “” in your browser’s address bar when visiting.

Would you perhaps like to switch the two, so that is actually the fully hosted domain? You could essentially do so by making it fully hosted on the same user (and pointed to the same directory) that used. Keep in mind that if it’s a WordPress site, you’ll probably need to make some URL changes in your settings.

Hi, thanks for the response! (Sorry I didn’t see it sooner, somehow I missed it.)

To be more specific, “” in your example is and “” is (double ‘s’ vs. triple ‘s’).
I had already added myself to the FTP access for but got stuck when I realized that could only be reached if the www is typed in front of it. HOWEVER, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore…I just typed both domains in my browser and they both render whether the www is in front or not. (?)

This website is currently not a Wordpress site, but it will be changing to a Wordpress site soon. You mentioned settings changes would be required in that instance. I will need to get straight on what address to place in the website address and website location settings in WP General Settings. I’m assuming those are the ones you mean. If I leave the domain settings as they currently are, what url would I place in wordpress settings?

Please feel free to check the dreamhost settings for these domains. I have not used Dreamhost before so not too familiar with your set up and I have not used mirror sites in the past.

Your help is appreciated, thank you!

The correct way to do this is via 301 re-direct, and not using mirrors. Via the panel, you should redirect to (or the other way around, depending which you want in the URL bar of the users browser).

If you use mirrors for this you will be penalized by google for duplicate content.

Ok, thanks.

Also, choose to use either www or not www - don’t have both (it’s confusing). Pick the version that looks right to you and go with it.