Change plans when my 2 years expire?

Has anybody downgraded to a lesser plan at the end of their term here? How do I do it, and am I right that I should?

I signed up nearly two years ago for a codemonster account. Based on the info below, it looks like I could easily get by on the crazy domain insane plan (god, those dumb names!)

I’ve never used a support call (ok, I did once, but that was really just a complaint call). That seems like the only thing I’d lose by downgrading.

Disk usage by user: 3760.412 MB
Disk usage by mailbox: 58.039 MB
Disk Usage by Database: 9.555 MB
Total Bandwidth Used by Domains for these 6 days: cycle estimate - 4081.047 MB

…I really wish they listed that stuff in gigs rather than megs.


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I know you can easly change plans around the same time as you upgrade, as I moved up in plans when it came time for me to renew. The only thing I would be wary of is that you don’t have plans or anything else under way that you might need more space than the next plan down provides. --Why did you sign up for that plan in the first place?

Aside from that, I see no reason to not got for it.

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Back when I first signed up for the codemonster plan, the crazy domain insane plan didn’t come with many hosted domains under it. I think it initially came with just one, or maybe 3? Now, it’s unlimited. That was my real motivating factor for going with a larger plan.

Jalpuna! - personal blog
twenty200 - photo blog
robsdemo - what I do

You don’t need to wait until your plan is due for renewal to change plan type, you can do it at any time via the panel at Billing -> Manage Account, then click the small edit link next to your plan.

To quote from the plan change page…

[color=#0000CC]If you up/downgrade or change rebill period:

there will be no downtime for anything.

feature changes happen immediately.

your plan’s billing start date changes to today.

any pre-payment left over is credited towards the new price.

there is no set up fee because this account is older than 97 days! [/color]

That is a decision that only you can make. :wink:


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