Change pending warning

Hello fellow dreamhost users. I’m new here, so pardon me if this has been answered somewhere else, but I couldnt find.

I have added a new domain and new user under my account, but 1hour latter both still have a small clock on the left side meaning “change pending”. Does this means that I have to wait a bit longer before I’m able to log with this new user?

Regarding the newly created domain, does this mean that the DNS settings are incorrect or that I’m just to impatient to wait for the dreamhost system to create the necessary info?
Thanks a lot for your help,

There seems to be a longer job queue than normal I have had a domain update waiting for three hours now. It may just take a bit longer than usual to empty the queue and get rid of those clocks. :slight_smile:


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Yeap! It took a long long time… Now the clocks are gone :slight_smile:
Thank you Norm.