Change Passwords


I’m new to the forum, but not necessarily to the online world. So I hope this is the best place to post.

I like to change my passwords periodically and it’s time to change it here. However, I haven’t been able to find out where to change them. Have any of you been able to change yours? If so, and if you remember where you accessed the ability to do so, can you share it with me?

Thanks so much!


Edit your basic profile.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

Hello Shing1,

If you are referring to your general DreamHost password.

After you are signed into your account and you are looking at the main control panel page. At the top right of the screen you will see the following options in Grey boxes.

Discussion Forum | Edit Profile | Logout

click on edit profile

once there you will see these options on the top left:

[ Overview ] [ Contact Info ] [ Security ]

click on security


Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed.


You are very welcome.
Glad that it worked out for you. :slight_smile:

Have a good one,