Change pass

Can anyone help me write a PHP script that will change the user’s password.

I setup several users in the web panel, but I don’t want to let anyone know i’m hosted by dreamhost, so I created my own home-page style script for them to upload/download files. How can I get it so they can change their passwords?


Since passwords can only be changed through the account control panel, you will need an HTTP client library to authenticate with the account control panel and change the password, just like your browser does.

You’ll need to learn how to use cURL and how HTTP works if you don’t already. Once you have that down, you have to use cookies to maintain a session after authenticating long enough to put in the request to change the password. Your script would also have to intepret HTML enough to determine if there was an error too. And since there is no API for the account control panel, you’re basically at the mercy of DreamHost and hope they don’t change the way it works or your script will break.

It can be done. Good luck!

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Can’t you use PHP commands like exec() or something? I was able to pull the uptime of the server by doing exec(“cat /proc/uptime”);

You might find the following thread useful;


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