Change of IP-address due to reshuffling



I am a freelance web designer and have a shared hosting plan with Dreamhost.

In the next few days I will upload one of my new websites to Dreamhost.

Unfortunately, my client’s domain provider doesn’t allow me to change the nameservers to Dreamhost. So all I can do is change my client’s “A-record” to point to the new domain now hosted at Dreamhost.

What worries me is that one of the Dreamhost support staff tells me that my site will go down, if my IP address ever changes in the near future due to reshuffling.

Can anybody estimate how likely it is that my IP address at Dreamhost ever changes in the next, say, 2 years? And will I get notified of this?

Thanks for any input…

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I’d guess that’s it’s moderately likely to occur sometime over the next two years, but not very likely to occur very often.

My IP never changed the whole time I was on shared hosting.

You can set up domain monitoring that will inform you when your domain goes down. You could also set up a little script that would check to make sure that the Dreamhost DNS server is reporting the same IP address as your registrar’s.

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Why not just transfer the domain to a real registrar and not worry about it? It’s cheap, easy and you won’t have to worry about IPs changing.

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If your client can afford the $9.95 this would be the appropriate solution.