Change number of fcgi processes for one user

I’m running nginx on my ps and I was running out of php fcgi processes for one particular site. I moved that site to a different user and it still occasionally ran out of processes.

I doubled the number of fcgi processes in /dh/nginx/servers/httpd-xxxx/environ, but that effects all users and one of them don’t require any fcgi processes at all.

Is it possible to change that number in the per site config file for a particular user (~/nginx/

If a user has an executable file named .php-launcher in their home directory, it will be run instead of the standard php5.cgi. You can either put your own PHP binary here, or a launcher script like this one:

#!/bin/bash export PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN=8 exec /dh/cgi-system/php5.cgi $*

The php ini installer linked below will setup a launcher for you.

After installation, edit ~/ and set your required child process number.

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