Change .net to .com


We have a site that is entirelly setup on Dreamhost under a .net extension: let’s call it It has a database and is working fine.

I have another domain called that I have added to the control panel but what I’d really like to do would be to substitue the .net domain by the .com domain without having to set everything up again.

I don’t want to forward the .com domain nor mask it - I’d like to replace the .net by the .com through the control panel. Any suggestions on how I should proceed?


well, you can set up a mirrored domain.

The way this would work is, for instance, you’d set up as a mirror or Now when anyone visits they will see the content from even though their browser url will show

Is that what you want?

Or, possibly you are saying that you no longer want to keep and only use If that is the case it’s a simple matter of using a ftp client to move the files from to the that you allready set up. If you’re running some ‘3rd part scripts’ you may have to update their configuration to work with the new url. Also if you have any absolute ( links to your own files you’ll have to update thoes manually as well.

does one of these solutions answer your question?



Thank you for the reply, well what we need is to upload all the files and the database to the .com area on Dreamhost beofre we change the domain’s DNS to avoid having a down time. But apparently we can only access the database by using in the URL which of course doesn’t work if the DNS hasn’t been changed yet.

Is there some sort od temporary URL we can use both to upload the files, test the site and set the databse in the .com space before changing the DNS information?


I don’t see how there’s any need to move any files around; just set up the new domain as a mirror of the old, and both addresses will work.

– Dan