Change nameservers


I recently transferred my hosting from HostGator to DreamHost. It has been quite a challenging problem to get everything going with my website since the transfer. What I need to do now is to change the nameservers as my wordpress website is still pointed at HostGator. Unfortunately, I cannot get into my website right now because it says: when I try to open the page. The admin link doesn’t work either. HG tried to help me but says that since DH has the domain now, they will have to help me change the nameservers. I cannot find how to ask DH support to do this for me. Can anyone please help?

Thank you,


It appears your domain name is not registered at DH at all!
Whois Server:

Please contact your previous registrar for help with changing the nameservers to point to us. That should do it! If you have any questions, this can help:, and feel free to contact our friendly tech support gurus if you need to: :slight_smile:

PS. Welcome to the DreamHost family!


Thank you Elle S! I appreciate the info and am now waiting for a response from to help me with the changeover.


You’re very welcome! Please don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you might need help :slight_smile: