Change name/keep domain

ok, so i’ve read everything i could on this site regarding this topic but i’m still not sure what to do. basically i have already used my max of 3 domains on my account, and can’t really afford an upgrade right now. but i just bought a new domain name (with another service) and i want to use this one instead of one of the domain names i’m using now. i want to keep everything else the same, just have the name be different! i’ve installed some software and stuff on this domain so i would rather not have to redo everything just to switch names. i don’t even mind if the directory name stays the same…does this make sense?? can anyone help me with this?

aj lozier

support might be able to accomplish this for you… but I’m guessing they can’t. You’re probably stuck making backups and everything, deleting the domain from your DH account, and then ‘restoring’ to your new domain.

Just a side note, do you know that you can add a “booster pack” to your plan for only $60 a year or 4.95 a month (w/ a &15.95 setup fee) that will allow you three more domains and some other stuff.

I was just thinking (suprising stuff!) that you could just set up a mirrored domain to point to your existing one. That way you can have all 4 domains with in your plan - the new domain will allways reflect your current domain name.

ie. you’ve got set with with your software and all. You’ve just registered - so you set it up as a mirroed domain for and it will give you two identical sites. You just make changes to and edit and will access it’s stuff, while showing your visitors in their url.

Maybe this will work out for you. :slight_smile:



regarding your 1st suggestion…yeah thats pretty much what i expected i would have to do, and thats also what a friend of mind suggested… it wouldn’t be the end of the world, of course…

on the other hand, your second suggestion sounds interesting. i’ll give it a try.

in either case, thanks for taking the time to respond!

aj lozier